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Why User Adoption Hasn’t Worked On Your SharePoint?

Majority of company Intranets aren’t good. They are hard to navigate and they look underwhelming. But there is finally a tool like Google Analytics that was made for SharePoint. NGAGE is in the future of behavioral analytics.

Everything You Need To Know About NGAGE

Many CTOs, CIOs, Knowledge Managers, and Portal Architectures are adopting the NGAGE Intelligence platform to obtain visibility to the user adoption of their Microsoft services. The NGAGE product gives customers access to insights and metrics to measure to improve user adoption and engagement across their digital workspace environment. All of NGAGE’s products are easy to use and leverage Microsoft technologies for security as well as scalability. NGAGE provides SharePoint Online analytics for your organization Azure-hosted services in addition to on-premise SharePoint Server instances for custom or third-party apps. Reports can be quickly customized around data based on the user’s department, location, or job title.

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Why NGAGE is Important?

1. Driving User Adoption and Engagement

The NGAGE Intelligence platform connects with SharePoint and many other applications monitoring user interaction. The platform informs customers on adoption problems through analytics, allowing early intervention when issues arise. With NGAGE, you will gain a detailed understanding of what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to make adjustments to drive user engagement.

How: The NGAGE tool provides details on how the system is functioning. When SharePoint is connected to NGAGE you will be able to see adoption problems, learn what works for your company and have the ability to make improvements.

2. Increasing ROI, Productivity and Best Practices

Adoption is just the beginning. The ROI for SharePoint and other applications will see improvements through increases in individual and team productivity. NGAGE empowers customers in all industries by allowing them to define, target and track the effectiveness of training around their own unique set of best practices.

How: With improving individual and team productivity will increase the ROI in SharePoint. NGAGE will share insights that you will be given the chance to define, target, and track the effectiveness around best practice.

3. Improving Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Plenty of risks are amuck on the web. NGAGE can predict and manage those risks to data and resources by analyzing configuration against GDPR compliance. Customers can monitor, manage, and improve users’ compliance with corporate standards to ensure data and resources stay protected against threats lurking about in this digital age.

How: NGAGE will help you manage and predict risks. The tool will also give you the resources to track, manage and improve user’s compliance with corporate standards.

4. Modifying the Search and Discovery Experience

The User Experience in Intranet is important. With NGAGE you will be about to track user behavior and outcomes against search terms, refiners, result sources and result selection. This allows businesses to understand actions which are utilized to adapt systems to improve the UX (user experience.)

How: Search Terms, Refiners, Result Sources and Selection are all involved with NGAGE. The tool will also track user behavior and outcomes. In the NGAGE experience, you will see the real and perceived value.

Reshape Your Business Through Powerful Analytics

Restructure your organization with a tool that will revolutionize your adoption for SharePoint and other Office 365 products.

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